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Let’s go climb Snowdonia

When taking a month off to travel South America, I must say I didn’t expect to find myself instead climbing the highest mountain in Wales. I was however, thoroughly gob-smacked at everything that Wales had to offer. My bestie and I wanted to get that sense of travel adventure and boy did we get it! Our itinerary planning consisted of ‘lets see how much we can cram into every breathing second’ and it looked a little like this:

  • Cottage stay in the Brecon Beacons to climb Pen Y Fan and hunt down the Henrhyd Waterfall (we also ended up hunting down for a lost flipflop).

  • Hilly drive to Snowdonia to enjoy an evening in a cabin with our own hot tub and CLIMB SNOWDONIA IN THE AM *trip highlight*.

  • Sleepily (but safely) drive to the Pembrokeshire Coast for beach runs, BBQs and sunset HIIT.

  • Walks around beautiful Tenby (+ unexpected parking ticket) then followed by a drive onto Bristol area.

  • Lakeside camping in a remote site between Bristol and Bath for evening walks, pottery making (SO fun) and pub trips.

  • Home for rest, lot of rest.

So let’s skip to the exciting highlight of the trip, kicking it off with leaping out of my car, feeling the crunch of the gravel under my boots and looking up at the Llanberis vintage train station. The first part of Snowdon was steep (I mean literally vertical) but thank god it levels out else I was needing a hose for those calf muscles. With hikes, my favourite part has always been how the scenery morphs around you as you get higher to provide so many variations of it views and Snowdonia didn’t disappoint.

Tip: I climbed the mountain with a camel pack on in order to sip water gradually as I went up and stopped regularly for snacks consisting of oat-based cereal bar, boiled eggs and wrap for lunch (nothing too heavy).

There were 6 routes up, we went easy as it was our first time. Once at the top, you need a jacket for warmth, so I was glad to have packed my thin mac coat. What made Snowdonia even better was the treat to come home to a hot tub just for us (Epsom salts not included but midges are). We were off to a good start after being told that the fire heating the hot tub went out because I covered the vent oops… and then I did it again… oops oops. It was great to go for a dip but a disclaimer for vertically challenged people. Do check the temperature isn’t too hot before jumping in and being too short to get back out that your only option is flailing legs in the air to signal help. We tried that one for you, you’re welcome. Our evening was accompanied by a nice bottle of bubbly, interesting bats at twilight and a gorgeous blooming sunset (I needed another B).

See you soon and keep moving,


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