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Hello, Blog

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu

Welcome… to the first blog!

Well I didn’t think I would be writing that line but now it’s done, we are here. I guess I better carry on then, the first thing to tackle is why blog?

Let’s just get it out there, I want to do this for me. Yep. I said the thing that you aren’t meant to when you are blogging but that is the honest truth. I hope people join the journey along the way too as knowing me there will be plenty of adventures to write about.

So what can you expect from this blog then?

This is what I want to cover today but equally important to disclaim that who really knows? I want it to be random and spontaneous. Whatever I am feeling goes in which should keep it interesting. I mainly want the blog to keep me accountable; to help me grow and to give me my journey to look back on like your footsteps behind you in the sand.

Each step as important as the next. Life is getting busier, it gets harder to capture and hold the memories. I take a lot of photos don’t get me wrong but that only captures one of the five senses so we are going all out now really? But further than that, it captures thoughts and lessons learnt although I may regret that. A lot of the posts will be 300-500 words as short and snappy wins the race. Hmm… that doesn’t sound right but you will see as you go, I am not one for getting phrases correct so I make stuff up my own.

As I read this back already I can hear my personality bubbling in the words, I love it! This is exactly what I wanted it to sound like. I haven’t really read many other blogs previous to this and should I? Probably not. It doesn’t need inspo, it just needs to be me.

So what topics to expect (or maybe the shorter list is stuff you wont get?). Anyway, basically I am a fitness fanatic who loves travelling, running, caffeine and a challenge (and the rest). Well that is a good start, but surely I am just be another blogger on a list of millions. Why am I different?

I don’t really care to be honest but one thing I never seem to lack… energy. Can’t wait to see you soon and hope you enjoy!

Keep moving,


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