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There are lots of options if you are interested in coaching. You should love at finding out more about coaching if you struggle with: 

  • a lack of motivation 

  • staying consistent 

  • knowing what sessions to do

  • getting results you want 

  • wanting to change weight or appearance 

  • low energy levels 

These are some of main ways that coaching can help! Here are some of the options for you: 

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This is the perfect option for anyone that wants to work with me 1:1 to achieve their goals. I will make sure to give motivation, accountability and education by providing:

  • a completely bespoke run & strength plan for you that changes with your schedule. 

  • Weekly check-ins and 24/7 Whatsapp support 

  •  Nutrition and recovery support 

  • Race Day support 
  • Access to your plan via the Carla Moves App 

  • Meal and Stretching ideas​


If you want a bit more freedom then you have the options to just receive a plan to do in your own time.  Let us write you a completely bespoke plan that is delivered to you after an initial introductory chat. This way you get a great programme, straight away to do in your own way. These can be up to 16 weeks and delivered via an app or pdf.

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Is coaching for you?: Testimonials

Before joining with Carla Moves I had never ran further than 5km! With the consistent, brilliant coaching of Carla Moves I was able to achieve my goal of running my first ever half marathon!

The nutritional advice, weight workouts and running coaching has allowed me to see a future in which anything is possible and helped me to get through a rough Lockdown. I never believed exercise was 'For people like me' until Carla moves taught me that simply isn't true.

Poppy - 1:1 Coaching Client

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